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As Skydent Mouth and Dental Care Center, we serve to our patients In the fields of treatment, oral diagnosis, perlodontology, orthodontics, pedodonthy, endodonthy, prosthesis, maxillofacial surgery, laser dental treatment, Implantology, dental radiology, emergency dentistry with our general hospital, specialist physician staff, experienced personnel within our understanding of qualified service and patient satisfaction. We consider the satisfaction of our patients as our motivation source and develop ourselves so that we could preserve this. In our convenient health center which is located only 5 minutes far away from Ataturk International Airport and has four floors with its full details, we endeavor to do the best for the comfort of our patients. With our motto "for the health of your mouth", we aim to spread the service we give to the local people to Istanbul and Turkey, in addition, while we try to resolve the problems of our patients from abroad, we provide the chance to accommodate while they get to know Istanbul, which is worldwide known. As Skydent Mouth and Dental Care Center, we aim to gain the patient satisfaction as principle and give service of mouth and dental care in economic conditions without sacrificing quality.