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Successful treatment inside a mouth, but it is possible with the correct diagnosis can be made. Oral Diagnosis, identifying all oral and dental problems outside the mouth, used to determine the relationship between scientific knowledge and in line with the conclusions of the correct treatment can be done to help.

Oral examination, the teeth are examined panoramic X-ray taken through a systematic order. Gingivitis, plaque, tartar accumulation, the presence of fistula, mobility, decay, incompatible restorations, crowding, color is evaluated in terms of number and deformities. After the individual examination of the teeth, patients are examined in terms of their relationships with each other and jaw closing. Evaluation of all the teeth and oral tissues are not established treatment plan if necessary, intervene with non-dental complaints.

Not yet deep caries may cause discomfort but does not give discomfort where you can move forward. If you have information about or just at the beginning stage of gum disease, gum recession and tooth loss in future be prevented.